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Send the text in a range to a word document

Send the text in a range to a word document The following routine sends the text in a range to a word document: 'Purpose : Sends the text in a range to a word application 'Inputs : rngSelection The range to send to a word document 'Outputs : Returns True on success. Function WordSendRangeTo(rngSelection As Object, Optional sSaveToFile As String, Optional bShowWord As Boolean = False) As Boolean Dim oWordApp As Object 'Early bound type = Word.Application Dim oNewDoc As Object 'Early bound type = Word.Document Dim oWordRange As Object 'Early bound type = Word.Range Dim avVaules As Variant, vCell As Variant, sText As String On Error GoTo ErrFailed 'Build up text to send to word document avVaules = rngSelection.Value For Each vCell In avVaules sText = sText & vCell & " " Next sText = Trim$(sText) 'Create word objects Set oWordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application") Set oNewDoc = oWordApp.Documents.Add Set oWordRange = oNewDoc.Words(1) 'Send text to word document With oWordRange .Text = sText On Error Resume Next Set .Font = rngSelection.Font End With On Error GoTo ErrFailed 'Save Document If Len(sSaveToFile) Then oNewDoc.SaveAs sSaveToFile End If If bShowWord Then 'Show Word oWordApp.Visible = True oWordApp.WindowState = 1 'wdWindowStateMaximize Else 'Quit word oWordApp.Quit End If WordSendRangeTo = True GoTo ExitSub ErrFailed: 'Error occurred WordSendRangeTo = False ExitSub: 'De-reference objects Set oWordApp = Nothing Set oNewDoc = Nothing Set oWordRange = Nothing End Function 'Demonstration routine Sub Test() WordSendRangeTo Selection, "C:\test.doc" End Sub