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Reverse a string using a byte array

Reverse a string using a byte array The following function demonstrates how to effeciently reverse a string using a byte array. 'Purpose : Reverses a string 'Inputs : sValue The string to reverse. 'Outputs : The reversed of the input string variable sValue. 'Notes : The data is copied into a byte array for speed, then Public Function StringReverse(sValue As String) As String Dim lThisByte As Long, lUBound As Long Dim abyteOriginal() As Byte, abyteReversed() As Byte If Len(sValue) Then 'Copy string into byte array abyteOriginal = sValue lUBound = UBound(abyteOriginal) 'Size output array ReDim abyteReversed(lUBound) 'Loop over array swaping Unicode blocks over For lThisByte = 0 To lUBound Step 2 abyteReversed(lThisByte) = abyteOriginal(lUBound - lThisByte - 1) abyteReversed(lThisByte + 1) = abyteOriginal(lUBound - lThisByte) Next 'Return result StringReverse = abyteReversed End If End Function