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Visual Basic Programming Code Examples

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Getting the Long Filename

Getting the Long Filename Public Function GetLongFilename(ByVal sShortName As String) As String 'Dimension Some Variables. Dim sLongName As String Dim sTemp As String Dim iSlashPos As Integer 'Add \ to short name to prevent Instr from failing sShortName = sShortName & "\" 'Start from 4 to ignore the "[Drive Letter]:\" characters iSlashPos = InStr(4, sShortName, "\") 'Pull out each string between \ character for conversion While iSlashPos sTemp = Dir(Left$(sShortName, iSlashPos - 1), _ vbNormal + vbHidden + vbSystem + vbDirectory) If sTemp = "" Then 'Error 52 - Bad File Name or Number GetLongFilename = "" Exit Function End If sLongName = sLongName & "\" & sTemp iSlashPos = InStr(iSlashPos + 1, sShortName, "\") Wend 'Prefix with the drive letter GetLongFilename = Left$(sShortName, 2) & sLongName End Function