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VB Application (Connection at 1st Startup)

VB Application (Connection at 1st Startup) Sub connectDB() On Error GoTo suji 'get the values from the registry dim con as new ADODB.connection Dim usrName$, dBaseNm$, svrNm$ usrName = GetSetting("MYAPP", "DBCON", "USRNM") dBaseNm = GetSetting("MYAPP", "DBCON", "DB") svrNm = GetSetting("MYAPP", "DBCON", "SVR") con.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=" & Trim(usrName) & ";Initial Catalog= " & Trim(dBaseNm) & ";Data Source=" & Trim(svrNm) If con.State = 1 Then MsgBox "Successfullly connected" Else MsgBox "check ur settings" GoTo suji End If Exit Sub suji: MsgBox Err.Description usrName = InputBox("Type the SQL User a/c", "User Name", "sa") dBaseNm = InputBox("Type the Database a/c", "Database Name", "tempDb") svrNm = InputBox("Type the SQL Server Name", "Server Name", "svr_01") SaveSetting "MYAPP", "DBCON", "USRNM", usrName SaveSetting "MYAPP", "DBCON", "DB", dBaseNm SaveSetting "MYAPP", "DBCON", "SVR", svrNm End Sub