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Split a given string into different words

Split a given string into different words You have a function to split strings in words on your list, there is an improvement (new from scratch coded), the older does not work proprly, and the new one have the delimiter as a variable, not "," forced. There is the code. Function SplitString%(TheString$, Delim$, DynArray$()) dim p%, t% dim sTempString$, tmp$ t% = 0 ' Remove trailing blanks sTempString$ = Trim(TheString$) ' If the last character is the delimiter, remove it If Right(sTempString$, 1) = Delim$ Then sTempString$ = Left(sTempString$, Len(sTempString$) - 1) ' Add a delimiter to end sTempString$ = sTempString$ & Delim$ Do p% = InStr(sTempString$, Delim$) If p% = 0 Then exit Do ReDim Preserve DynArray$(t%) tmp$ = Left(sTempString$, p% - 1) sTempString$ = Right$(sTempString$, Len(sTempString$) - p%) DynArray$(t%) = Trim(tmp$) t% = t% + 1 Loop ' Returns the last availabe index SplitString% = UBound(DynArray$) End Function ** Calling procedure example: ' text$ is the string to be splitted ' n= number of words found - 1 ' delimiter is "," Dim Words$() Text$ = Trim(Text$) n = SplitString(Text$, ",", Words$()) Return