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How to program a delay using the Timer function.

How to program a delay using the Timer function. ' You can delay execution of your code for a specific time interval ' by using the Timer function. Increments such as .25 or .5 can be ' used as well. ' To use the Timer function to pause for a number of seconds, ' store the value of Timer in a variable. Then use a loop to wait ' until the Timer returns a specified number of seconds greater than ' the stored value. If the delay loop will execute when midnight ' passes, compensate by reducing the starting Timer value by the ' number of seconds in a day (24 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds). ' Calling DoEvents from within the loop allows events to be ' processed during the delay. ' Drop this sub in the appropriate form: Sub Pause (ByVal nSecond As Single) Dim t0 As Single Dim dummy As Integer t0 = Timer Do While Timer - t0 < nSecond dummy = DoEvents() ' If we cross midnight, back up one day If Timer < t0 Then t0 = t0 - 24 * 60 * 60 ' or t0 = t0 - 86400 End If Loop End Sub ' Call the routine from the appropriate event: ' Example: Call Pause(2) ' delay for 2 seconds Form2.Show